Motion on Destitution

Thirteen Councils have now passed a Council Motion calling for changes to national policies that are leaving people seeking asylum hungry and homeless. Read the motions here:
Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Oxford (Oxford City Council motion on Destitution), Bradford (Bradford Council – Asylum and Destitution motion), Leeds (Leeds City Council motion on destitution), Liverpool (Liverpool City Council Motion – 18.09.13), Kirklees (Motion submitted in Accordance with Council Procedure Rule 14 as to destitution amongst refused asylum seekers), Swansea (Swansea City Council Motion on Destitution 21Jan14), Leicester (, and Manchester (Manchester City Council Asylum Seeker Motion – 26.03.14).

Find out more about these motions:

Join the call for change! Help make sure your council is next to take a stand. Read the Regional Asylum Activism briefing about passing a council motion.
Are you a Councillor or Council Leader considering passing a Council Motion on destitution? Please contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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